FIRD hosts dinner in honor of Pakistani Journalists

FIRD hosts dinner in honor of Pakistani Journalists

LONDON: At this stage when motherland Pakistan is passing through a toughest time of its history, we need to be clear in our words and deeds. Islam is negating all forms of terrorism and we need to tell theworld that Muslims were strictly barred even in war from attacking children, women, unarmed men, trees and crops of enemies.

These were the views of participants of a dinner hosted by Toaha Qureshi, Chairman Forum forInternational Relations Developmen (FIRD) in honor of journalists coming from Pakistan and for members of Pakistan Press Club-UK (PPCUK).

When we are on Britain we have double responsibility one to respect and abide by laws of the land in true letter and spirit and the second to protect our culture, traditions and values, they said.

Addressing the gathering Toaha Qureshi said terrorism and extremism are not only menaces the Muslim world is facing but due to inner clashes and conflicts Muslims are facing new problems day in and day out, which is causing huge hardships for a common Muslim. Media has to play its important role to save the common Muslim from these hardships, he added.

He said his forum is open for debating the issues Pakistan and Muslim World is facing these days so that after discussing the issues any prompt solution can be found.

Addressing the gathering Shaukat Ashfaq, a renowned journalist from Multan said at present Muslims in general and Muslim youth in particularly are facing problems due to least efforts made on research and dissemination of the true picture of Islam. He said some leaders in Pakistan are making some mistakes which are causing problems for people of Pakistan and even generation can face these problems.

ARY Anchorperson Aamir Ghauri the while pointing out the figures of Public & Private schools and Madrassas in Islamabad said they are creating many questions. No revolution is possible without transparent and even handed accountability and ministers in Pakistan are not daring to come in public as they are frightened due to malpractices, he added.

Later, a meeting of Executive Body of Pakistan Press Club-UK (PPCUK) held, which was attended by President Fayyaz Ghafoor, Senior Vice President Mobeen Chaudhry, General Secretary Azhar Javed, Vice President Shaukat Dar, Information Secretary Musarrat Iqbal and executive committee members Akram Abid, Waheed Ahmed and Husnain Bayar.

The participants felicitated newly elected bodies of Lahore Press Club, National Press Club Islamabad and Karachi Press Club.

The body decided to extend the last date for membership of the club till January 15, 2015. Suggestions were also given in the meeting regarding oath taking ceremony of the newly elected governing body of press club and it was decided that it would be finalized in the January 17 meeting.

Fayyaz Ghafoor, President Press Club thanked the participants.

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