No divisions among journalists on the issue of Kashmir

No divisions among journalists on the issue of Kashmir

MUZAFFARABAD: More than four hundred journalists from different parts of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir have arrived in Capital of AJK to take part in a “symbolic march” towards the Line of Control (LoC) on Saturday 24th August 2019.

Video: Journalists Heading towards LoC

The march, organised by the Central Union of Journalists (CUJ), a regional body in AJK and co hosted by Central Press Club Muzaffarabad, has attracted attention of media professionals across the country.


“For almost three weeks now, India-occupied Jammu and Kashmir has been locked behind an iron curtain. What has compounded our worries is the unparalleled communication blockade that has sealed all sources of information,” said the office bearers of Unions of Journalists and representatives of different press clubs.

“This situation compelled us to do something to draw the attention of the world community in general, and media fraternity in particular,” they told to media covering that event.

Arshad Rachyal, former president of Pakistan Press Club UK who led a delegation of foreign journalists, said he was happy that there were no divisions on the issue of Kashmir.

“The fact that the common cause of Kashmir has bridged gaps and brought rival groups and leaders on one platform is reassuring,” he said.

Talking to Dawn, Hafiz Afzal Butt, who heads a faction of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), said the Pakistani media considered itself under a moral obligation not only to raise voice against the oppression of Kashmiris by India, but also to persuade the authorities to open up the territory for relief supplies via LoC.

Head of other faction of PFUJ Rana Azeem said that “India-occupied Kashmir is facing a humanitarian crisis as life-saving drugs and other essential supplies have run out. This alarming situation demands immediate intervention by the international community and tomorrow we will highlight this need during our march.”

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