PPCUK: Protests for Media Workers Rights Movement

PPCUK: Protests for Media Workers Rights Movement
London: PPCUK members across the country along with the board, took to the streets of London, in freezing cold weather protesting against unfair treatment of journalists in Pakistan.  Demonstrations were held infront of the Pakistan High Commission in London. PPCUK’s international role is to support fellow journalists in Pakistan, to raise awareness against measures that fundamentally seek to undermine journalists rights to fair and reasonable working conditions.

The UK campaign was to show unity and solidarity, with Pakistani Media Workers based in Pakistan, who have now organised themselves to form the,  “Media Workers Rights Movement”

The protest was led by the President of Pakistan Press Club UK Arshad Rachyal, and managed by Secretary General Naveed Sajjad Chaudhry.

Journalist activists emphasised the fact that Media worker rights movement will have a greater impact and is of great significance in Pakistans history in terms of jounalist rights. Too often journalists feel they have been targeted and exploitated, saying that they will not withdraw from their demands until welfare of journalists are granted. Journalists are often threatened, abused and killed in their line of duty. It is now time for the Pakistan authorities to take some action and safeguard journalists.

The President PFUJ Afzal Butt, said in his telephonic address that the protest camp will continue till the acceptance of their five-point plan, which seeks to ensure journalists are no longer vulnerable, to unacceptable working conditions.

The demands put forward include:
1. The formation of 8th Wage Board Award. 2. Legislation for electronic media employees.
3. Abolition of contract system in media industry.
4. Annulment of honorary representation of newspapers/TV Channels.
5. Closure of bureau sales.

Chairman Friends of PPCUK Nahid Randhawa also joined the protest, along with unionists to endorse their support with Media Workers.

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