Journalists and Community Leaders attended PPCUK Oath Taking Ceremony 2015-16

Journalists and Community Leaders attended PPCUK Oath Taking Ceremony 2015-16
London: Lord Nazir Ahmed praised the hard work of the PPCUK, stating that Pakistani journalists in the United Kingdom were vital and crucial, as they are the only genuine means through which real news stories of the Pakistani community can be gathered. These were views of Lord Nazir Ahmed while speaking on the occasion of oath taking ceremony of Pakistan Press Club UK.

He further stated that , journalism is a very sacred profession and honesty is first pillar of this profession. Lord Nazir Ahmed continued to state that the Pakistani community in the UK is in a very fortunate position, full of Pakistani media houses and journalists. This has helped promote a positive image of Pakistan abroad. Where culture, traditional values are reinforcing Pakistan’s international image.

Muzafar Chuadhry from Bestway Group, Naheed Randhawa formed President UK Pakistan Chamber of Commerce, Founder National Press Club Mushtaq Minhas, Afzal Butt President Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, Qamar Raza from World Congress of Overseas, Dr Suhail Chughtai and Azhar Javed were also in attendence at the ceremony.
The ceremonial evening started with recitation of verses from the holy Quran.  Stage secretary Natasha Sheikh invited chief guest Lord Nazir Ahmed for leading the oath ceremony from the newly elected body of Pakistan Press Club UK, this included President Mobeen Chaudhry, Vice President Naseem Siddiqi, General Secretary Shaukat Iqbal Dar, Joint Secretary Majid Nazir, Information Secretary Mussarat Iqbal, Finance Secretary Akram Abid and other members of governing body including Chaudhry Muhammad Ishaq, Aurangzeb Chaudhry, Aftab Baig, Imran Khalid and Fareed Qureshi. Unfortunately Senior Vice President Arshad Rachyal, Vice President Fakhar Tahir and member of the governing body Sheraz Khan could not attend this event, due to being abroad.

Speaking on this occasion, Naheed Randhawa former President UK Pakistan Chamber of Commerce said that, Pakistan Press Club has been working for the betterment of the Pakistani community and building the image of overseas Pakistani’s. Dr Suhail Chughtai said, journalists in UK  play a vital role in building the unity of the Pakistani community especially for those who live abroad, and due to their efforts viewers in Pakistan are also appreciating the commitment shown by overseas Pakistanis and their services for their homeland.

Senior journalist from Pakistan and founder of National Press Club Mushtaq Minhas whilst speaking on this occasion stated that, ‘Our political parties should keep their activities within their national territories because the Pakistani community abroad cannot endure separation and political rifts in  the name of politics. He stated, political parties’ activities abroad present certain challenges, the danger of not only breaking the unity of communities but also it can damage the image of the country.

President PFUJ, Afzal Butt stated that, ‘Whenever the Pakistan authorities have placed obstacles to monitor or interefere in the work of journalists and have tried to restrict their independence, then journalists based in the UK and other countries have always raised their voice and concerns for their Pakistani counterparts at every platform.

He appreciated the efforts of the newly elected President of PPCUK Mobeen Chaudhry, who has been working tirelessly and passionately for the last decade. His particular focus has been highlighting the issues of both UK and Pakistan based journalists, fighting for better rights and working conditions on both sides of the globe.

He further stated that, he looks forward to presenting Mobeen Chaudhry’s proposal for amendment in the constitution of PFUJ in the next couple of months. In which all members of PPCUK will be involved in all projects related for the betterment of the journalists’ community in Pakistan. Also the amendments will include a clause in the Journalists’ housing colonies, that at least 5 percent share will be fixed for PPCUK members and other journalists who are working abroad, he concluded.

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