Debating issues a must to be a leader in UK: Lord Nazir

Debating issues a must to be a leader in UK: Lord Nazir

LONDON: Prominent leader representing Pakistani and Kashmiri community in United Kingdom Lord Nazir Ahmad has said that mere assembling of people at a place and addressing them cannot make a person a leader. Our community must realize the fact that the UK is a developed country where colour, race, nation and religion are not so important as the natural ability is.
Addressing the oath-taking ceremony of Pakistan Press Club UK’s executive council as a guest of honour, he said every public representative securing any seat in the Britain would second his viewpoint. Senator Mushahid Ullah of Muslim League-Nawaz, World Congress of Overseas Pakistanis Chairman Syed Qamar Raza, Forum for International Relations Development Chairman Talha Qureshi, former adviser Overseas Committee to Punjab CM Zubair Gul also addressed on the occasion. Press Club President Fayaz Ghafoor was also present on stage. Secretary General Azhar Javed anchored the function.

“Everyone wants to lead the community but he must raise voice when the community comes under criticism,” Lord Nazir added.
He said DOMINIC GRAVE, last days, issued a wrong statement against Pakistani community but apologized later.
“I never did anything wrong so there was no need to apologise but still I am a target of criticism. So how can the apology of DOMINIC GRAVE be accepted,” he maintained.

He said presently Muslim were being considered as soft target. British soldier’s killers Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale were Muslims belonging to nowhere. When and how they embraced Islam, no one knows. But everyone knows that Muslims and Islam were being targeted.
“We oppose every such effort. We do not favour Anjum Chaudhary. Why does British government not arrest him?” he said. Lord Nazir said he had never been against any person or institution.
“But, where I will feel Islam and Muslims are being implicated wrongly, I shall raise my voice,” he held.

Nazir said he had no objection over getting financial help from British government by any Pakistani institute, but the entity must declare it in public that it was receiving aid from UK government. That entity should also be accountable that why it received the financial help and where it was spent.

PML-N Senator Mushahidullah Khan while greeting the newly-appointed members of the PPC UK, said holding of annual elections regularly was appreciable. He said in this way they would be justified in their demand to others for practising the same. He said check and balance was an essential in every field. He said the present government could be criticized but the opponents must also acknowledge what the government achieved in a short period. He added that opponents say what the government achieved in few months but they don’t bother to review their own performance in the last many years. He said the present government cleared Musharraf and Zardari government’s circular debt of electricity which had gone up to Rs500 billion. “In the same way Karachi’s crime rate went down in the first six months of our regime.”

Mushahidullah said he did not demand any favour, but honestly speaking, the successes achieved by the present regime in the last few months, could not be achieved by the previous governments in the their complete tenures.

Lord Nazir, on this occasion, administered oath to PPC UK’s executive council 2013. Awards were also distributed among those showing excellence in different fields during the ceremony. Among those were included Worldwide Solicitors Mian Khalid, UK Islamic Mission’s Syed Shaukat Ali, FIRD chairman Toaha Qureshi’ and World Congress Syed Qamar Raza. Journalists and community leaders from all over the country attended the PPC UK’s oath-taking ceremony.

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